August 20-24th 2018

Join us in paradise for a five day action packed watersports festival!
Manureva Aquafest includes three days of kiteboarding action across Freestyle, Twin-Tip Race and “Big Air” located on the stunning Motu Tavake.  Races are divided into Men’s, Women’s and Junior categories, with expression session Freestyle and Big Air open to everyone.  We move the action back to mainland Aitutaki to spend a day at local schools sharing our passion for kitesurfing through our “Kite Kids” programme. 

The stunning Aitutaki Village, Ootu Beach is our location for our Aquafest Day – this is a fun day with a festival atmosphere made up of swimming, SUP races and a variety of challenges including the infamous single breath hold underwater distance challenge (the Glenn Bright, Assault Boardriders challenge).  set in the beautiful turquoise Aitutaki Lagoon.  There’s something for everyone at the Aquafest Day with Manureva participants, supporters, tourists and local Aitutakians joining together to celebrate their love of the ocean.

We usually wrap up Manureva Aquafest with our traditional Cook Islands Closing Ceremony and Prize Giving including spectacular fire dancing and traditional food and music.


We flex the week depending on the forecast to maximize wind conditions to suit kiteboarding races and activities.  We always start with a 'Meet and Greet' on Sunday evening and then kick into watersports action.  A typical outline of the week looks like this…

Sunday:  Aitutaki

7PM:  Meet and Greet - welcome briefing for participants and supporters
Final registrations and distributing Manureva Packs (grab your free swag!)

Monday:  Aitutaki Village, Ootu Beach

11AM:  Official Opening Ceremony - traditional blessings and Turou (welcome call)
12-4PM:  Aquafest Day - paddleboarding and swimming races and fun for everyone

Tuesday:  Aitutaki

A free day to go sight seeing or kiting (wind dependent) on Motu Tavake - organise a boat transfer with Aitutaki Kite School (Mike Lee) or Wet & Wild Boat Charters (Quinton Schofield)

Wednesday:  Motu Tavake

Day 1 kiteboarding competition starts!
8AM:  Boats leave for Motu Tavake
6PM:  BBQ on the beach

Thursday:  Motu Tavake

8AM:  Boats leave for Motu Tavake if you want to kite in the morning before competition resumes
10AM:  Join us at local primary schools to build and fly kites as part of our “Kite Kids” community programme
12PM:  Boats leave for Motu Tavake - Day 2 of kiteboarding competition continues

Friday:  Motu Tavake + Aitutaki

Day 3 of kiteboarding competition + Big Air competition - last competition day
7AM:  Boats leave for Motu Tavake
3PM:  Boats start to leave Motu Tavake for Aitutaki (those catching flights should get the first boat at 3PM and have all your gear ready)
Closing Ceremony: 
5.30PM:  Night Market opens (if you haven’t got a Competitor or Supporter Pack, the Night Market is a great option)
6:30PM:  Prize Giving
7PM:  Closing Ceremony meal for Competitors and Supporters
8PM:  Traditional dance troop and fire dancers
9-11PM:  Party on...



Twintip Races
Freestyle Expression Sessions
Big Air


Twintip Races
Freestyle Expression Sessions
Big Air


Twintip Races
Freestyle Expression Sessions
Big Air


Kiteboarding Pack plus Aquafest Day NZD300.00

Freestyle Expression Sessions, Twin-tip Races, Big Air plus Aquafest Day:   

  • Entry into the kiteboarding Freestyle Expression Sessions
  • Entry into the kiteboarding Twin-Tip Races
  • Entry into the “Big Air” challenge
  • Three days of boat transfers and BBQ lunches on Motu Tavake (Honeymoon Island)
  • Event shirt and cap, Wednesday night BBQ and Friday Closing Ceremony Meal
  • Aquafest Day All Access Pass

Supporters Pack plus Aquafest Day NZD250.00

  • Three days of boat transfers and BBQ lunches on Motu Tavake (Honeymoon Island)
  • Event shirt and cap, Wednesday night BBQ and Friday Closing Ceremony Meal
  • Aquafest Day All Access Pass

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Register with either a Kiteboarding Pack or a Supporters Pack and you’ll be eligible for a special discounted fare from Rarotonga to Aitutaki return with Air Raro .  Once you register, your name will enter the Air Raro booking system and the discount will apply when you email Air Rarotonga This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please note: In order to receive the discounted flights you must first register for Manureva Aquafest.


Aitutaki has a wide range of accommodation across the island to suit all tastes and budgets.  Check out to book your own accommodation.


Welcome to paradise…
Aitutaki, the Cook Islands’ second-most-visited island, is well known for its friendly people as well as being one of the world’s most spectacular lagoons.  It is a water sport paradise – with warm, crystal clear aqua water, consistent trade winds perfect for kitesurfing and pristine white sandy beaches.  From the air or on the water, Aitutaki will take your breath away.

Only 45 minutes by air from Rarotonga, but you’ll feel like you’re exploring an untouched corner of the world.  Aitutaki is a remote fishhook shaped island rising 4000 metres from the floor of the Pacific Ocean. 

This year’s Manureva Aquafest is located on the stunning Motu Tavake (Honeymoon Island), a short 10 minute boat ride across Aitutaki’s massive turquoise lagoon.  Over 11km wide, it has some of clearest water in the world with sandy islands and amazing fish for you to explore.

You’ll fly into the north of the island near Ootu Beach, most of the accommodation is based here as well as along the west side. 

To find out more about Aitutaki, visit: